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Cryptography Training in London

A working knowledge of cryptography ought to be part of the skill-set of all professional software developers, just like database access and networking. Many developers, however, regard security as an administrative function or something to be bolted onto version three of a product, if there's time and if we can figure out how to do it! Instead, programmatic security should be a primary consideration in software development. Making security a core part of the initial design of a software solution makes development much easier than retro-fitting it at a later date.
On Wednesday 26 June and on Saturday 29 June, we will be delivering our one-day, hands-on training course Cryptography for Java Developers in London.
On Wednesday 10 July and on Saturday 13 July, we will be delivering our one-day, hands-on training course Cryptography for C Developers in London.

All four events will take place at The Skills Matter eXchange.
The training course costs £495 (inc. VAT). Lunch is provided.

Our courses provide delegates with a broad coverage of material and an in-depth hands-on experience that enables them to return to work with the skills to start software development immediately.
All courses come with extensive notes, sample code and worksheets.

To register for one of these courses, please click here or call 08000 438 478.
Training Course Modules
1 Introduction to Cryptography
2 Cryptographic Service Providers (Java)
2 OpenSSL (C)
3 Symmetric Key Cryptography
4 Symmetric Key Cryptography for Android and iOS
5 Asymmetric Key Cryptography
6 Digital Signatures
7 Authenticated Encryption
8 Digital Certificates
9 Public Key Infrastructure
10 Key Stores and Trust Stores
11 SSL and TLS
12 Accessing LDAP Servers
13 Certificate Revocation Lists and OCSP
14 Privilege Management Infrastructure

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