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Cryptography Training

We offer a three-day cryptography training courses in Java.

Cryptography for Java Developers
These are hands-on courses on the Windows, Linux or Apple Mac OS X platforms. Delegates are assumed to be professional Java developers.

What You Will Learn: The course covers the modules listed below. No prior knowledge of cryptography is assumed. Extensive, fully-working turn-key code samples are provided for each module.

Course modules:
  • 1 Introduction to Cryptography
  • 2 Cryptographic Service Providers
  • 3 Symmetric Key Cryptography
  • 4 Cryptography for Android Apps
  • 5 Asymmetric Key Cryptography
  • 6 Digital Signatures
  • 7 Authenticated Encryption
  • 8 Digital Certificates (X.509)
  • 9 Public Key Infrastructure
  • 10 Key Stores and Trust Stores
  • 11 SSL and TLS (JSSE)
  • 12 Accessing LDAP Servers with JNDI
  • 13 Certificate Revocation Lists and OCSP
  • 14 Privilege Management Infrastructure
  • Appendix: How to Achieve Absolute Security: one-time pads and isolated systems!

Course duration:   three days

Course price:   £1800 (inc. VAT)

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