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Ruby on Rails Training

Ruby on Rails web applications are written in Ruby so we provide a Ruby training course for developers who need it.

Software Development with Ruby
This is a hands-on course based on Ruby version 1.8.7 using Apple Mac OS X.

What You Will Learn: Building, Running and Debugging Ruby Applications, Control and Data Constructs, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Exception Handling, TextMate and IDEs, Documentation, Symbols, Hashes, Ranges, Unit Testing, Test Driven Development, File IO and YAML, Version Control with Git, Closures (Blocks and Procs), Regular Expressions, RubyGems and Rake, Behaviour Driven Development (RSpec, Cucumber), Recursion and Memoization, Metaprogramming, Design Patterns, Ruby Versions (RVM and Gemsets).

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