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Ruby on Rails Training

Ruby on Rails web applications are written in Ruby so we provide a Ruby training course for developers who need it.

Developing Web Applications with Ruby on Rails
This is a hands-on course based on Ruby on Rails version 2.3.8 using Apple Mac OS X and MySQL. This course is for Ruby programmers. Delegates without Ruby experience are advised to attend the Ruby course...

What You Will Learn: Building, Running and Debugging Rails Web Applications, Database Access with Active Record, Rails Architecture, Routing and Templates, Helpers, Controllers, Rails Security (XSS, SQL Injection), Public Assets, Routing (RESTful Interfaces), Database-Backed XHTML Forms (Models and Scaffolding), Data Types and Form Validation, User Sessions, Authentication, User Profiles, Logging, Action Mailer, User Accounts, Ajax and jQuery, Stored Procedures, Accessing Multiple Tables with Active Record, Factories(Machinist), Stubbing, Mocking, Behaviour Driven Development (Cucumber, RSpec), Testing Tools (Webrat, Capybara, Selenium), Deployment with Capistrano, Rails Source Code (Metaprogramming and Contributing to Rails)

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