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Android Training

We offer a comprehensive range of Android training courses for Java developers. We provide a Java training course too.

Advanced Android App Development
This a five-day hands-on training course for Android developers wishing to tackle more demanding projects. Straight off the bat, we’ll let you into a little-­‐known secret: most Android apps are brittle. They contain business logic in all the wrong places and those that make use of database access typically do so at the wrong time! In fact, most Android developers do not know how to build robust apps that stand up to hundreds of thousands of users hitting edge cases. Most apps don’t scale: after a while there are too many activities and fragments linked by fragile references.
So, in module 7 we show you how to write apps that are clean, robust, easy to maintain and something to build a reputation upon. Then we proceed to cover a wealth of advanced topics.
You will root a device on this course. That way, you can access the entire filing system and perform network protocol analysis. You need a rooted device for good Android development so a Nexus 7 is provided and it’s yours to take away for use back at work.

Course modules:
  • 1 Handling Multiple API Levels – Drag and Drop
  • 2 WebKit (WebView and Javascript)
  • 3 Broadcast Receivers and System Broadcasts
  • 4 Notifications
  • 5 Threading and AsyncTasks
  • 6 Services
  • 7 Building Robust Apps
  • 8 Foreground Services
  • 9 Library Projects
  • 10 Timers
  • 11 Implementing Content Providers
  • 12 RESTful Web Services and JSON (Geocoding)
  • 13 OAuth
  • 14 Wakelocks
  • 15 Sensors
  • 16 Location Services and Maps
  • 17 Rooting Devices for Debugging
  • 18 File System Access
  • 19 Network Protocol Analysis
  • 20 Managing Network Connectivity (Airplane Mode and Network State Changes)
  • 21 Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • 22 Bluetooth
  • 23 OpenGL ES
  • 24 Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM)
  • 25 Implementing Reliable Settings—Database Access
  • 26 Automated Testing on Hundreds of Devices
  • 27 Reducing Support Tickets: Self-­‐Monitoring and Reporting Apps

Course duration:   five days

Course price:   £3500 (inc. VAT)

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