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Android Training

We offer a comprehensive range of Android training courses for Java developers. We provide a Java training course too.

Developing Apps with Android
This is a five-day advanced course for developers with both C/C++ and Java experience and some knowledge of Android development. The course is for those needing to develop their own C and/or C++ libraries or to use C/C++ libraries from other sources using the Java Native Interface and the Native Development Kit.
Because the course covers rooting and installation of a userDebug build we provide a Nexus 7 for use on the course and to take back to work.
As the module list below shows, there is a great deal of in-­‐depth material that comes from our real-­‐world experience of developing JNI-­‐based software full-­‐time. We know how to make this stuff work and we’ll show you how to make it work too!

Course modules:
  • 1 What Is JNI and Why Use It?
  • 2 Compiling C-­‐C++ Programs
  • 3 Writing C Functions and C++ Methods Callable From Java
  • 4 Compiling C-­‐C++ Programs with Eclipse
  • 5 Mapping Strings and Other Data Types
  • 6 Accessing Java from C-­‐C++
  • 7 Exception Handling
  • 8 SWIG
  • 9 Using Standard C Libraries and Open Source Libraries
  • 10 JNI with Android-­‐-­‐NDK
  • 11 Using Native APIs
  • 12 Debugging Native Code in Eclipse
  • 13 Logging
  • 14 Rooting Android Devices
  • 15 Recovering and Interpreting Tombstone Files
  • 16 Network Monitoring
  • 17 Threading
  • 18 Callbacks (C-­‐C++ to Java)
  • 19 Asynchronous Processing
  • 20 TCP/IP Sockets
  • 21 Android userDebug Build
  • 22 Troubleshooting Memory Errors with Valgrind
  • 23 Native Graphics
  • 24 OpenGL ES
  • 25 Native Sound (OpenSL ES)
  • 26 NDK Profiler
  • 27 Java Services
  • 28 Java Notifications and Broadcast Receivers
  • 29 Building Robust Apps with JNI

Course duration:   five days

Course price:   £3500 (inc. VAT)

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